Identification of cross-reactive human single-chain variable fragments against phospholipases A2 from Lachesis muta and Bothrops spp venoms

Lucas B. Campos, Manuela B. Pucca, Luciano C. Silva, Gabriela Pessenda, Bruno A. Filardi, Felipe A. Cerni, Isadora S. Oliveira, Andreas H. Laustsen, Eliane C. Arantes, José E. Barbosa

Bushmasters (Lachesis spp) and lancehead vipers (Bothrops spp) are two of the most dangerous snakes found in Latin America. Victims of envenoming by these snakes require urgent administration of antivenom. Here, we report the identification of a small set of broadly neutralizing human monoclonal single-chain variable fragment (scFv) antibodies targeting key phospholipases A2 from Lachesis and Bothrops spp using phage display technology and demonstrate their in vitro efficacy using a hemolysis assay.